Repeat viewing: Run Lola Run (1998)




This is one of those films that I saw and loved the first time; I watched it again, and it is still one that I will highly recommended. It has style, it has meanings, and it has a simple script, but tons of fun watching it. Being in German, it doubles up the craziness– listening to the dialogues and reading the subtitle.

If you have never seen it, the story is about how one missed action leads to ample possibilities of outcomes or consequences. Manni(Moritz Bleibtreu) is panicking after he lost the drug money he collected, he talks to her girlfriend Lola(Franka Potente) on a payphone (see, how dated!), while she is on the other end, at home.  She puts down the phone and says she will meet him in 20 minutes with a solution.

That’s when the fun begins. Essentially the film shows three consequences of events after Lola hangs up the phone. I love the mix-in cartoons, and the transitional montages of people she meets on the street while running that 20 minutes marathon to help Manni. In other words, in a split second, life changes for everyone, one could become rich, or one could get overdosed on drug…

This is a fast-pace, thoughtful, intriguing film, which basically tells us that things happen in mysterious ways, and no matter how much we plan, life changes in an unpredictable instance.




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