Identity Thief (2013)

WATCH its trailers, and forget about the movie! Cause, the funniest moments are all there. Besides, having your identity stolen is not a laughable matter at all, and I don’t wish it on anyone. Melissa McCarthy is the focus of the movie, and I like the physical comedy, but her character has nothing to cheer for. Sandy Patterson(Jason Bateman) works in accounts process, isn’t that like a cashier in a bank?! he makes $60K in his current job, but he is promised $250K for his new job?!  LOL, ha, ha, screw Corporate America…Right, hourly rate at McDonald s/b$100 an hour. The script is so unrealistic that it is funny, NOT! As usual, I am surprised to see family, in films, in the brink of financial ruins, yet they still live in a big upper middle-class mansion?! (tell me cause that is nothing but mockery of captialism).  



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