The Big Wedding (2013)



It’s Complicated (2009). No, it’s not? Really, not complicated at all, all is needed The Big Wedding (2013). Seriously, has this become a sub-genre of divorced parents, dysfunctional families, all mistakes erased with their children’s wedding?! Of course, as usual, upper-middle class white linen wedding that easily costs upward of $100,000! One thing marketing got it right was that a movie with Robert De NiroDiane KeatonSusan Sarandon, and Robin Williams, how bad could it be? It’s not bad, it’s just …

First off, I don’t understand why a rich family gives a hoopla about a Colombia woman, Madonna(Patricia Rae), even though she is the biological mother of their apdoted son Alejandro(Ben Barnes), the groom. It either tells us that rich Americans are sensitive to cultural diversity, or it says race is never an issue in USA. (It’s a comedy, I am in fantasy land, keep forgetting). It is only under either one of those circumstances, Alejandro can rightfully ask his divorced parents, Don(Robert De Niro) and Ellie(Diane Keaton), to act un-divorced for his wedding so that Madonna understands he was brought up by decent American couple. In the process, so that Bebe (Susan Sarandon), daddy’s lover of 10 years, can get her point across, i.e., Don to marry her.

This is when imported stories have always failed, especially those from Europe. In Mon frère se marie (2006), the rich couple are Swiss and the apdoted son is Vietnamese, so his biological mom is coming to the wedding from Vietnam; right there, we know the cultural, social, economics, and religious differences will be comical. For one, Pho (delicious noddle soup) is for breakfast in Vietnam, and fish sauce will turn anyone off when sniffed, while it is like ketchup in South-east Asia cuisine. I watched the trailer on youtube, the family also spends a night out at a Vietnamese karaoke bar! Need I say more?!

Back to The Big Wedding. IMO, Robert De Niro, and Diane Keaton must stop playing these roles: a funny serious father (the Fockers) and a pretty happy divorcée that has not closed shop. I am tired of their one dimensional play! Diane Keaton may as well be the same Erica Barry (Something’s Gotta Give(2003)) here (Ok, it has been ten years… didn’t realize.)

I have to say the same for Katherine Heigl, the eldest daughter, Lyla, in this film; how many “wedding” movies has she been in?

Missy(Amanda Seyfried) is the bride, and Jared(Topher Grace) is the still-virgin son at 27 (Right!), and abused at the restaurant dining table by Alejandro’s sister, Nuria (Ana Ayora). I get it, a Colombian girl is so exotic, live in US, that he finally has a boner at the table? To add to the insult of intelligence, his mom, Ellie, walks by and sees the dirty act in full-motion (I give up!)

It’s a comedy, it’s fanstasy; It’s a comedy, it’s fanstasy; It’s a comedy, it’s fanstasy.



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