Parker (2013)



He can’t be killed. I don’t even know he feels pain.  Jason Statham is like Jason in Friday the 13th. Here, he resumes a familiar role and plays another tough guy out of the Parker’s thriller series penned by Richard Stark, but actually Donald E. Westlake who wrote it. 

Funny the star of the film is Jennifer Lopez playing Leslie Rodgers. She is the sparkle among a bunch of rather dull thugs, and that includes Parker, who just gets bite up all the time.

So there is a heist at one of those country fairs, Parker is the leader of a gang of five. Included is for sure a dumb a**, but relative of some big mob gangster in Chicago. Parker is righteous, and has a strict code of ethics, exactly like Frank Martin in Transporter (2002): his way or just his way! After they score, four of them are not happy with Parker’s wrong answer, which is to split the deal five ways and walk away. Many bullets after, Parker lies dead beside a shallow waterway.

Part two is about revenge all the way up the chain, and in the midst, Leslie becomes an accomplice cause she is dead broke, and she knows Palm Beach, Florida like a map on her palm. Parker is in town to catch up with the other four, Melander(Michael Chiklis) is now the honcho, and Leslie is the one who shows Parker around with her real estate licence.

Part three is the heist they wanted Parker in, of which he refused to join, and hence the story. This time is  a diamonds auction.

The ending is predictable, the bad guy of worst guys wins and gets the girl her share of money to get out of the rug… all good, and sequel assured.

In this case, don’t under-estimate Jason Stathamthis guy has at least four on-going franchises: Transporter, Crank, Expendable, Fast and Furious. Maybe he is one-note, but he is consistent, and making loads of money with volume- that’s smart!



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