Snow White and the Huntsman/ Mirror Mirror (2012)

We have certainly seen a fair share of Grimm’s tales rewrites for the last three years, and included were these two total opposites. Huntsman is dark and murky and Mirror is bright and colourful. I prefer tradition, so the latter offers a better re-imagined tale of good and evil, pure and devil, and nonetheless, handsome prince and pretty princess, who lives happily ever after.

I watched Snow white and the Huntsman (2012) once 6,000 ft above the ground in a plane flying east. I didn’t like it, perhaps it was the small screen, or perhaps, I had indigestion from airplane food. I fasted forward for most part. This time, I watched it at home in blu-ray, it did make a difference. The colours were better, despite it was mostly black,white, brown and grey. They pretty much summarised the mood of the film: dark and evil. The evil Queen is Ravenna(Charlize Theron). Lock in the tower is Snow White(Kristen Stewart), and the drunken brut Huntsman(Chris Hemsworth) is the only person who survives the Dark Forest, The Queen has a brother, Finn(Sam Spruell), who shares his life with her sister’s.

I liked Kristen Stewart up to the part she became a Joan of Arc leading the crusade to re-gain her father’s kingdom. She could be more than Bella Swan, and it showed good signs with this film. Chris Hemsworth is the one who carried this film, and proved he would be the next tough guy, superhero. He will be the Gladiator, Wolverine, and Leonidas of the new generation! It’s time to replace Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman and Gerrard Butler. Charlize Theron had gorgeous costumes, and she yelled a lot. There were fair bit of CGI in this film, and that’s why HD and big screen made more sense. The Dark Forest and the Fairyland were both imaginative and beautifully created. There was also the son of the Duke, William(Sam Claflin),who grew up with Snow, and he was definitely over-powered by and in the shadow of the Huntsman.

As expected Snow took the throne and ruled her people.  Unfortunately, the ending found Kristen Stewart (Snow) gave that Bella’s coy shy look at Chris Hemsworth(the Huntsman) and it spoiled an otherwise good ending. I wish the director had yelled “Cate Blanchett’s Elizabeth, Kristen!”

Mirror, Mirror spotted The Queen(Julia Roberts) was having lots of fun playing the evil mom, and probably had most of the funniest lines in the film. Brighton(Nathan Lane) was her lieutenant. Lily Collins was Snow White and Prince Alcott was Armie Hammer. They made quite an attractive couple. Armie Hammer was tall and handsome! cause his height was amplified when stood beside the seven dwarfs. Even the King, Sean Bean was about a head shorter. My point is Hammer may have a good career ahead of him, cause I really quite liked him in this film. But then, The Lone Ranger(2013) tanked. He could always blame it on Johnny Depp, I guess.

The costumes were colourful and beautiful that certainly fitted a fairy-tale.

The only common theme between the two was the powers of the Queen and Snow White, they fought each other to the bitter end.

WATCH… Mirror, Mirror ; SKIP … Snow White and the Huntsman


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