Paperboy (2012)



Finally I had a chance to watch this much talked about film last year at the TIFF. The buzz was mostly about that scene between Charlotte Bless(Nicole Kidman) and Jack Jansen(Zac Efron) on the beach, but of course it was over-hyped. In fact, it was playing a myth that most people thought it was appropriate. (Google: Jelly-fish and urine).

Among all the well known actors, I liked Anita Chester(Macy Gray) the most. Since she narrated the story as well, she should be considered as the lead actress.

The story is about an alleged police killer, Hillary Van Wetter(John Cusack) that Ward Jansen(Matthew McConaughey), a journalist,  is trying to prove his innocence. The story takes place in the 60’s, when racism is still alive in the deep south, so are alligators, swarms, humidity, hillbillys, and sweat. Music and songs in that era fade in and out among different scenes. Ward’s journalistic partner is Yardley Acheman(David Oyelowo), who has to confront with most of the racial remarks and attitudes.

This was made by the same director, Lee Daniels, who gave us in 2009 the unforgettable, Precious. Paperboy is another one of those if the novel (Peter Dexter) is better than the film…(I can’t say, haven’t read it yet).

Jack and Charlotte were in a lot of scenes, and I found the rest like HIllary, Ward and Yardley were a bit of a blur. Perhaps, the whole film was over-aroused by what Charlotte did to Hillary in the jail’s meeting room, and also by the continous tension between her and Jack; it made the murder mystery ,almost, a sub-plot.

Towards the end, it got brutal, and quite a shocking scene with Ward all bloody and naked! McConaughey‘s fans will sure get an eyeful! (Spoiler alert: he had another lengthy naked scene with Jack (clothed)). Now I remember, even Efron was, semi-naked, in his briefs a lot! Homoeroticism?!

SKIP… I was watching but I wasn’t.


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