The Host (2013)



Those New Age music was worse than the film itself. Most of the time, nothing was exciting, while it had tons of potential. “I heard voice in my head” got boring quickly. The alien science in the story died as quickly as it started, and the rest was mushy, boys-girls sentimental stuff, that made perfect sense, at times, it suffocated. Why the silvery transportation equipment used by the aliens, btw?

The only actor here is William Hurt as Uncle Jeb. The rest, honestly, can be anyone.

Here is the story. The human race was invaded and their bodies taken as hosts, the latest one to get the transfer is Wanda, who takes up the body of Melanie Stryder (Saoirse Ronan). Melaine survives with his brother, Jamie(Chandler Canterbury). Jared Howe(Max Irons) finds them while she is looking for food. They live a quiet life until the seekers find her. The rest is as predictable as any teenager love story.

Anyway, it was trying hard to be metaphysical, but the music really killed it!



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