Think Like a Man (2012)



Yanking our proverbial sentimental nerve. Another one that lassoes a man and a woman, reaffirming the importance of the Institution of Marriage: THE GOAL! First, one must identify the ONE.

The film is based loosely on the self-help book written by current Family Feud host, Steve Harvey. Men are nicely put into four categories: Dreamer, Player, Non-Committer, and Mama’s Boy. To be in a meaningful relationship, you must first know your opponent’s moves: study, strategize, and attack! Isn’t that in itself very male-sports oriented, and women buy that?! Hmmmm…. (rubbing my chin!)

Immediately, I was drawn to Regina Hall, who plays Candace. Who can forget her unforgettable scene in Scary Movie (2000) when Brenda talks on her cell, and complaints about others disruptions of her enjoyment of the movie, and pulls out a handy-cam to record the abuser: that’s bada** funny! As Candace, she did an equally great job,and appropriately brought in comedic moments to the story. Kristen(Gabrielle Union), Bring It On (2000)’s Isis, captain of the rival squad, is paired with the Non-Committer, Jeremy(Jerry Ferrara), Entourage(2004-2011). They have been together since graduated from college nine years ago, she a real-estate agent, him a junior software developer. She is building up his marriage requirements. The question is whether he will kneel and pop the question, or she bails?

Candace is a single mom, with a kid Duke(Caleel Harris), which echoes the life of the mother of the Mama boy’s, Michael (Terrence Jenkins). This should be a good match right? At least get his mom’s approval of Candace’s same “mommy sacrifices all for son” motto.

The Dreamer is Dominic(Michael Ealy), his latest dream is to become a chef. He is head-over-heels with some medias executive, Lauren (Taraji P. Henson), who happens to look for her equal, and no less.

The player, Zeke(Romany Malco), meets his match, Mya(Meagan Good), who is tired of hook-ups, and has signed up for 90-day chastity rule.

The comic relief, not that he is really needed, is the separated Cedric(Kevin Hart) from wife, Gail (Wendy Williams– cameo). The token White married guy is Bennett(Gary Owen) with a perfect middle-class Christian marriage.

It is all very one-sided(men’s), otherwise, the film will be four hours long. This is a solid good entertaining film, and funnier than 2009’s He’s Just Not That Into You . with similar premises. If you remember the then TV night-time comedy, Girlfriends (2002-2008), this will be a film version of it, and condensed.



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