Double Bill: Toxic Skies(2008) and Gone(2012)



I bet you never heard of Toxic Skies that starred husband and wife team, Anne Heche as Dr. Tess Martin and James Tupper as Jack,  a reporter. It’s a low budget film of $1mil that never saw its light in America, from what I read, cause it was banned. Gone starred Amanda Seyfried as Jill, and pretty much a one-girl show. What do they have in common?  how they got the green lights to be made?!

To be fair, they both were decent, but neither one screamed originality. They might even be under par with made for TV movies these days, cause neither one of them were graphics, explosive, sexual, nor contained foul languages. In other words, they were lame and tame, colour-by-number films, I won’t even put thrillers for either.

If you have seen 1995’s Outbreak, then the scences in Toxic Skies are laughable and unconvincing. Anne Heche works for Global Health Organization (GHO), guess WHO red-flagged them not to use their name, a micro-biologist who specialized in deadly microbes, and she basically is the film. Here is the story and you can do the math: drug company, army, secret division, airplanes, biochemical weapon.




Gone is nothing but a manipulative story. It tried hard for us to believe that Jill was crazy, and everything was in her head, and that’s why she took meds. She was convinced that she was kidnapped, and narrowly found her escape and ever since, a dark shadow was following her. However, everyone, including the police thought that she was just a lunatic. This time her sister, Molly(Emily Wickersham) was missing, and she knew her kidnapper had returned. The whole point was to prove that she was either crazy or not.

I get the rationale that lots of time reports of rape and kidnap were taken lightly, especially when they were without evidence; this one was just terribly non-sensical.



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