The Greatest (2009)



When you are ready for a family drama, maybe you should pick this one up. It gets better around the third act. 

The story is nothing new, Rose(Carey Mulligan) and Bennett Brewer(Aaron Taylor-Johnson) are in love, and they make love for the first time. Soon after, tragedy hits, and Bennett is killed in a car accident. The grieving family has a hard time dealing with the death, and the film looks at how each one of them deals with their grief in their own way. This is what makes it great in the third act, when we start to see the vulnerability of each of them. The father is Allen Brewer ( Pierce Brosnan), the mother is Grace Brewer(Susan Sarandon), and the other son is Ryan Brewer(Johnny Simmons).

The worst hit is Grace, she shuts everyone out and is trying to get her closure from the driver, Jordan Walker(Michael Shannon), who survives the accident.

Rose is pregnant, and the family is taking her in …

Without those actors, I believe it would have been another sappy melodrama, but this one keeps it real.




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