Small Apartments (2012)



Judge the film by its DVD cover, and you know this will be a weird one. I mean the combination of actors on the cover sure signals that.

Burt Walnut (Billy Crystal) is a fire investigator. Franklin Franklin(Matt Lucas) blows an alphorn at 7 a.m. every day. Tommy Balls(Johnny Knoxville) is a multi-tasking pothead. Simone(Juno Temple) is one of those troubled underage girls. Bernard Franklin(James Marsden) is in a pysch center, and sends his brother a tape labelled  “The Answer”. Rocky(Rebel Wilson) wakes up in Tommy’s apartment. Mr. Olivetti(Peter Stormare) is the landlord. Mr. Allspice(James Caan) is the demonic neighbour of Franklin. Dr. Sage Mennox(Dolph Lundgren) is a motivational talker.

You get the picture?!

Allegedly Mr.Olivetti committed suicide in his own garage. First, the evidence points to a self-inflicted wound, then it is more apparent that he shot half of his face off, and somehow he caught on fire, yet he put himself out with a fire extinguisher, with a burned merkin covering his private part. So who did it?

Burt is investigating the fire, and unfolds the story among all these characters.

At the end of the day, what makes you is in your mind, and you have choices.

The film is based on Chris Millis’s novel.

WATCH .. an off-beat film with a good conscientious story-line.


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