Your Sister’s Sister (2011)



A narrative about three people on a remote island. Two sisters, and one of the sisters’ boyfriend’s brother. 

It starts off at the wake of Tom (Michael Harring), Jack‘s (Mark Duplass) brother. Tom’s girlfriend, Iris(Emily Blunt) offers Jack an intervention for he is spiralling down into an emotional black-hole. She asks him to stay at his father’s cottage on a remote island, so that he can have a clearer head-space.

At the house on the island, he discovers a woman in it: Hannah(Rosemarie DeWitt). They meet as two strangers, intruders, and quickly realize who each other is. Awfulness turns into an enchanting evening of loneliness talks and drinks. Hannah, a lesbian, charms the straight guy, Jack, right into her sack.

As the story unfolds, Jack is not really that charming to turn a lesbian, but that’s for you to find out the truth, and for me to keep mum.

Iris arrives unannounced the next morning. Awkwardness assures, especially Iris is in love with Jack, which is kind of obvious. Although born from different mothers, the sisters have a stong bond together, and it becomes critical in reconciling their relationship later when everything falls apart. Jack, stereotyped, is the bonehead of course, who keeps discovering new feelings and emotions through his journey of introspection, or the torn between the two sisters.

I believe the island is somewhere out in Victoria, BC; it’s tranquil and serene, and suits the mood of this film.

We have seen Mark Duplass in similar roles, stories, and attires many times, the last I saw was Safety Not Quaranteed (2012), and so have we with Emily Blunt in this type of granola, down-to-earth romantic film, which I think they are both masters, because you can truly see and feel their authenticity. Rosemarie DeWitt completes the story.

The fade-out at the end … like it!

WATCH… a big yes! 


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