The Call (2013)



I was pumped with adrenaline, and so was Jordan Turner(Halle Berry) on her end of an emergency 911 call, dealing with a home invasion, and the victim was alone in her home, connecting to the outside world only through thin electronic signal, and electrical impulses of human voice. The intruder entered the house, bedroom’s window ajared, victim, Leah Templeto(Evie Thompson) escaped? Jordan lost phone connection, redialed… Leah’s body found in a shallow grave next day. 

The Hive is the nerve center of a 911 call center in LA. Jordan is one of the working bees, and overlooking the operations is the Queen, Maddy(Roma Maffia). There is a Quiet Room to decompress after a tough call. Jordan is dating Officer Paul Phillips(Morris Chestnut), and a mess after Leah was killed under her “watch”. Six months later, she becomes an instructor. A 911 call comes in, rookie picks up a frantic call on the other end, Jordan reluctantly jumps into the seat, puts headset on, and her SNS(sympathetic nervous system) kicks in! This time, the victim connected is Casey Welson(Abigail Breslin): kidnap.

The next hour, you will be on pins and needles figuring out if Casey will escape alive! Just like a trainee, eyes dilated, teeth tightened, pulses spiked, quietly watching over Jordan’s shoulder and listening on the exchange, and waiting for the GOTCHA SOB!

Halle Berry puts me right behind that seat with the typing, checking, coordinating (cops in hot pursuit), talking, tranquilizing… I shared her anxiety, and my BP went up.

Michael Foster(Michael Eklund) is the deranged kidnapper. Alan Denado(Michael Imperioli) is the good Samaritan, who meets his faith lying beside Casey in the trunk. The chase is on a highway, and eventually ends at a cottage.

At that point, the story grinned to a halt, and the next 30 minutes became a game of “I have seen that!”: Hostel (2005), The Silence of the Lambs (1995), Psycho (1960). The end earned some bravas, but seriously it could have been… more orginal and plausible.

I loved the portrayal of Michael as a super normal sub-urban middle-class White above average look and fit dad, two kids, with a totally clueless maid-like wife! Her husband had a shrine of sort in his home office, and wife Rachel(Justina Machado) ringed no bell…at all. 

I got two thirds of a great film, in today’s standard that’s preettie good, and that Halle Berry, OMG!!! why is she so good?!



3 thoughts on “The Call (2013)

  1. Very well said! Almost a great movie that winds up disappointing, because the final third lacks the tension of the first two thirds. And then that final scene. Boo, that. All in all entertaining and watchable, though.


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