A Shine of Rainbows (2009)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

(Think and read this with Irish accent in your mind) Want a glass of hot milk?  Who says we need magical kingdom, talking lion, special map, and all that to be in a kid’s fantasy story? This one will do with no special effects, and it works IMO. A good old heart-warming story about a boy growing up in the most unusual place, and with unusual adults (that they are so normal). It’s a fairly tale, of course, and who can resist Aidan Quinn‘s blue eyes? 

A young boy, Tomás(John Bell) is taunted by his classmates in a Catholic orphanage. Maire (Connie Nielsen) appears as an angel, but in fact comes to pick up Tomás. She is adopting him as her son. There on the beautiful Corrie Island, Ireland, is where he is going to be part of the family of “himself”. That’s how he calls Alec O’Donell (Aidan Quinn). 

A special bond forms between Maire and Tomás quickly, and soon, he calls her mum. Alec has a house on top of the hill, a herd of sheep, a boat, and a chicken coop, life seems to be sufficient. The relationship between the boy and Alec is cold, cause Alec sees Tomás as frail and weak; he does look a bit whimsy.

I like the colourfulness used to depict the relationship between Maire and Tomás; they bring colours to each other life. Along the way, a stranded baby seal becomes a surrogate of Tomás.

SInce this is a movie, nothing can stay rosy all the way, so the second act brings us some calm drama, and preamble that Maire is not fine. Shortly, in the third act “himself” finally opens up.

I mean a deviant screenwriter will certainly give us another story; perhaps, more likening to  American Horror Story or Silent Hill , and a purist may offer us Les Misérablesbut I am glad this is what it is a straight arrow to our tender heart, with sumptuous sprinkle of fairy dust along the way!

WATCH… without your kids, who will spoil it with “WHATEVER!” and “REALLY!” 4sure!


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