Mr. Nobody (2009)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

Just as profound as the big budget heavily marketed Cloud Atlas(2012), both examined the key question of who we really were, and where we came from? Did the past made our future, or were there ever a past? How could we be so sure of what we remembered as being the true past? Under the hypothesis of time being linear(past-present-future), how could we attest to our past experience, especially when it happened it could not be recreated?! I happened just watched an episode on Youtube HD Documentary about time, space continuum a couple of days ago, didn’t I? and now with this, my head really hurts…in a good way. 

I can’t really give details of the film without being them as spoilers. But I can certainly do them in bullet-points:

  1. Mr. Nemo Nobody (Jared Leto), Nemo as first name that’s smart, is 118 year-old, the oldest mortal in year 2092. The rest of the population does not age cause they are genetically modified.
  2. A young Journalist (Daniel Mays) is trying to capture Nemo’s life history before his birthday, or is it really the clinical psychiatrist Dr. Feldheim (Allan Corduner), who is doing the interview?
  3. Hypothesis: each choice that we make, it creates a possible outcome; therefore, not making a choice, the possibilities are limitless!
  4. Three possible love stories; plausible scientific facts; some great cinematography; funny at time.
  5. Intriguing and thought-provoking.

Not shabby casting either: the three possible spouses are, Elise(Sarah Polley), Anna(Diane Kruger), and Jean(Linh Dan Pham).

WATCH…if you always question your own existence! Forget The Tree of Life (2012)! this is a much better option.


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