Movie Review: Sleeping Beauty (2011)



It was promising novelty when it began, but as it progressed, I was quite sure what I would be watching: Memoirs of a Geisha (2005). Let’s see if you can follow my logic: old men and young woman’s private part! And some lossey goosey metaphysical stuff about loneliness, friendship, marriage, sex for sales, same sex tension…In other words, YAWN. Conclusion: rich old men buy perversion, because they can! et Alors!

Lucy(Emily BrowningSucker Punch -2011) is struggling financially to put herself through University. Her mom even asks for Lucy’s credit card to support her. Lucy holds different jobs: waitress, administrative assistant, test subject, discreet encounters at the bar. She has a friend, Birdmann(Ewen Leslie), an alcoholic, whom she seems to be quite fond of. Otherwise, she is on her own. Her roommates are of no support either. At her wit’s end, she answers an ad in the student paper, and that’s how it all starts both a secret life, and yet another job.

Clara(Rachael Blake) is her employer, and she has an assistant, Thomas(Eden Falk). At the interview, she explains clear that there is no penetration, but there will be promotion. Her job will start off as a silver server. A chauffeur(Les Chantery) picks her up, and she starts her first day on the job: a private soirée with a  silver daddy.

She is good at her job, she fast gets her promotion; despite, she still needs to make ends meet.

Her new job is kinds easy: take a potion, and fall asleep naked. Next morning, she will wake up groggy.

This was nothing but a soft-porn version of Hostel if there is a true ending to this film. Let me explain, in Hostel, very rich men bought their victims to operate on, here, they put her to sleep, and did things! THE SAME.

SKIP…weak causation! show me why I should care about Lucy?! In contrast, in Jeune et Jolie(2013), which told a slightly similar story, but I got Isabelle, and she offered no excuses for her “job” either.


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