Oct 30: Trick or Treat? Looks like a fun 3D Zemons movie!

Half Zombie, Half Demon — The Zemons Terrorize for One Night Only

DEAD BEFORE DAWN 3D Releases Nationally October 30th in 32 theatres across Canada in 3D

(Phase 4 Flims/FRC)Toronto, ON, October 10, 2013 — Phase 4 Films Inc., in partnership with Cineplex Entertainment’s Front Row Centre Events, is pleased to announce an exclusive one-night presentation of DEAD BEFORE DAWN 3D. On Devil’s Night, October 30, 2013, the film will be shown exclusively at 32 Cineplex Entertainment theatres across Canada. Tickets go on sale Friday, October 18, at participating theatre box offices, http://www.cineplex.com/events and on the Cineplex mobile app. Movie-goers will have the chance to win great prizes at each participating theatre.

In the last year, Dead Before Dawn 3D has been traveling overseas and around the world. It won the prestigious Perron Crystal Award for “Best Live Action 3D” in Liege, Belgium and closed the TIFF Next Wave Film Festival in Toronto. The film also recently screened at San Diego Comic Con and was nominated for five Canadian Comedy Awards, including Best Film, Best Director, Best Writer, Actor and Actress.

DEAD BEFORE DAWN 3D stars Emmy Award® winner Christopher Lloyd (Back to the Future), Devon Bostick (Diary of a Wimpy Kid Trilogy), Martha MacIsaac (Superbad), Tim Doiron (Rock, Paper, Scissors: the Way of the Tosser), Brandon Jay McLaren (The Killing), Brittany Allen (The Rocker), Kevin McDonald (The Kids in the Hall), Kyle Schmid (A History of Violence), Rossif Sutherland (High Life) and Ellen Dubin (Napoleon Dynamite).

Casper Galloway (Bostick) and his college friends visit an occult shop run by Casper’s grandfather (Lloyd) and accidentally unleash an evil curse, causing people to kill themselves and turn in to Zombie Demons, also known as Zemons. Armed with a slew of homemade weapons and a Winnebago, the college kids race through the night, killing Zemons and fighting time while frantically searching for a way to reverse the curse within 24 hours. As the Zemon army starts to overpower the team, Casper finds himself with no choice but to face his fears and become the unlikeliest of heroes.

Shot entirely in live-action stereoscopic 3D, the movie marks Canadian-born director and actress April Mullen as the first and youngest female to direct a feature of this kind. Filmed predominantly in Mullen’s hometown of Niagara Falls, Ontario, DEAD BEFORE DAWN 3D has the makings of an instant cult-classic.

For information on what theatres will be showing the film and to see what DEAD BEFORE DAWN 3D activities are happening across the country, check out this interactive map: https://www.thinglink.com/scene/444541795662036994.



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