Movie Review: Scary MoVie (2013)

source: IMDb

source: IMDb

It’s nothing more than watching a bunch of skits stitched together to make it the length of a movie. Some of them were hilarious, some were just Meh! Surprised to see so many well-known actors, singers and people took part in it. It made sense if you checked out who the producers were.

For the prologue, we have Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan playing homage to Two and Half Men and Paranormal Activity. They are in a King size bed, talking most of the time…poking fun at themselves and each other. I had a good laugh throughout, in fact. They are good being themselves.

Jody Sanders (Ashley Tisdale) replaces Cindy, Brenda is now Kendra Brooks(Erica Ash), and there remains Dan Sanders(Simon Rex). Rex must have been the resident actor of the franchise, the only one in all five.

Here the story goes: Charlie disappeared after the night with Lindsay, she becomes the suspect of his three missing children: Kathy(Gracie Whitton), Lily(Ava Kolker) and baby Aidan(Dylan Morris/Ryan Morris). Dan and Jody come to collect the children from the institution run by Dr. Hall(Darrell Hammond – another veteran of the franchise), after they were found in a cabin in the woods. They go and live in Charlie’s house. Things happen at night, inexplicably. Maria (probably the funniest role) is the Spanish housekeeper, who believes the house is haunted. Since the fun in watching this was like playing Trivial Pursuits: Entertainment, so no point of spoiling it for you. But then, the trailers probably did already, and it was funnier.

All there to say is that it was funny enough, but have your surfing device ready for the in-between moments. Unfortunately, there were no characters development whatsoever. That’s just too bad, Cindy and Brenda were the brand that, perhaps, had made the franchise last.

WATCH…certainly SKIP the boring parts. Even the point was made in the film, y’gotta fast forwarded the time-lapse replays to move things along.


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