Movie Review: Trespass (2011)



Movie industry is BIG…business! there are so many films out there that I bet you have never heard of, me included, and that’s not including all the foreign movies outside of North America. There are B-movies with unknown actors, and now there are those with A-Listers! Those that go to DVD or OD (On-Demand) right away. If lucky, they get limited screenings. Some did make it to major releases, like earlier this year’s Olympus Has Fallen. This is one of those, and I have two more lining up, one with Richard Gere and Martin Sheen, another with Kevin Spacey. The Double and Father of Invention, respectively. Scratching your head, eh! It makes perfect sense, diversify your products, and penetrate a different market! as long as it doesn’t cannibalise the existing big budget movies, which is unlikely.

Business and economics aside, this is a marginally bad and loud (yelling and screaming for no reasons)movie with sprinkley amount of good acting between Nicole Kidman and Nicholas Cage. In fact, when it started I thought, wow, Nicole Kidman was in light make-up, and messy hair, looking really natural compare to her usual porcelain face, perhaps, I would see some real acting coming through. Yes, for that scene only.

Trespass. There is really little need to elaborate on the story. You guess it, a break-in of a big mansion that hosts only three people, the husband, Kyle Miller(Nicolas Cage) sells diamond, wife Sarah(Nicole Kidman), and daughter Avery(Liana Liberato). This is not a discreet house invasion, four intruders: Elias(Ben Mendelsohn), Jonah(Cam Gigandet), Petal(Jordana Spiro), Ty(Dash Mihok); just in numbers, it would have taken the family down within minutes. Since they were no professionals the drama took over 90 minutes, so that those formulaic variables could all fit in to make it a movie. This is scary, the next thing you’d know is the whole damn script is generated with a click on the flashing square bordered enclosure says “Create”. I am sure there is a database out there that contains all plot variables since the first day motion picture was made.

Yes, the review. Obviously the couple has marital problems, who doesn’t in a movie?! This will conveniently supports the subplot so that even a 5 year-old will not question its plausibility! No, Halle Berry doesn’t come out of the ocean in skinny bikini, nor Sarah out of her Olympic size outdoors pool, Jonah does with his six-pack chiseled abs and upper body. He is in the house setting up the security system, and decides to take a dip to test the water. a) Sarah has “Yummy” eyes on? b) Sarah says WTF? c) Sarah arms-crossed and clutches her chest. Vulnerable? Avery is a pretty teenager; therefore, rebellious and sneaks out to a party, DAH! The group of four, obviously, from a lower stratum of society. Petal is the token female drug addict in the group. The leader is Elias, he drops the F-word in every scene! His brother accomplice is Jonah (wink!). The fourth is another token muscle hulk Ty, he seems to be the supervisor, cause he get calls from the Top, and constantly asks Elias to finish the job.

To be fair, it is not too too bad, it’s coherent.

I bet you this is aiming for foreign markets where English is likely not the first language. In other words, executives are hoping for a Lost in Translation, but banking on the powerful A-Listers’ brand. I mean even I fell into the trap when I saw Kidman and Cage on the DVD cover, and Schumacher as director?!…Hello, how come I don’t remember any PR with this? Now I know.

WATCH..I dare you!


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