A-B Movie Review: The Other Man (2008)



I confirm now this is the new norm, and I will classify them as A-B movies, i.e., A-listers in a B-Movie. I already talked about that in my review of Trespass(2011), and here is another one of those, and I will accept. It makes perfect sense now; I knew of this film via watching trailers at the beginning of Trespass’s DVD, those one can’t FF. Nothing was wrong with that, it got my attention and I borrowed it. No harm done. It just means B-listers and C-listers have to work even harder to get roles. That’s all.

Lisa(Laura Linney) is a successful shoe designer, who has her own runway show. Peter(Liam Neeson) is a software designer. At the end of the show, they dine in a fancy restaurant, and she asks if it will be ok to meet other people. Peter, half laughing, asks if there are problems. The next day she leaves for Italy. Peter is in a state, Lisa disappears. He turns on her computer, and finds out a password-protected folder labelled Love. He can’t break the code. He opens her emails; he suspects she has been having an affair. He replies to one of them, which leads him to Milan, and the man he thinks Lisa knows.

As I mention, this is a B-movie, so for A-listers this is like breathing air: effortless. It likens a mathematician adding numbers in their head.

The story flowed perfectly. At one point, I thought I should watch this critically; I might have found a needle in haystack. It was suspenseful, because Lisa literally disappeared from the screen, and I was super curious to know what happened to her? For a good hour, the dialogues were just between Peter and Ralph (Antonio Banderas), the man in Italy.

To write more is to breach the no spoilers rule. So if you don’t mind clever editing, and a manipulative plot, and just want to watch a movie on a rainy afternoon; this one is not half bad.

WATCH… as is, non-committally.


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