Limited Release(Nov 15) Movie Review: Geography Club (2013)

FABulously refreshing. Teenagers, High School, Jocks, Nerds, Outcasts, Sex, Bullying, the usual stuff we have seen in many films about awkward high school life, and add to it is the purposely shunned ingredient in the past: normal gay and lesbian teens. No more! this film finally closes the loop and makes the story complete. It is about time to watch something plausible and authentic.

This film is based on Brent Hartinger’s best-selling critically acclaimed novel of the same name. This comedy puts forward a great issue in many American high schools, acceptance of LGBT youth. It tells the story of a group of teens who step out of the box to form a support club for kids going through the same struggle.

GEOGRAPHY CLUB Russell(Cameron Deane StewartPitch Perfect(2012)) is just another teenager dealing with parents’ aspiration, peer pressure, buddy’s loyalty, vampire lust, and all the usual stuff a teen encounters during school hours. Except, Russell has a hidden talent, he is a good sprinter. At a school camping trip, Kevin (Justin Deeley), school football team’s captain spots his talent while playing, he gets him a position on the team. Russell scores a touch-down minutes before G.O. at his first play; he never thought he would ever be labelled a Jock!

Russell’s best buddy is Gunnar(Andrew Caldwell), the typical bone-head slightly overweight chicks chasing dude, and he wants Russell to hang out with him so that he can score Kimberly (Allie Gonino), while getting his best bud on with Kim’s best friend, Trish(Meaghan Martin). Besides, with Russell’s new Jock status, he really can score anyone he wants, a dream comes true for most hormonal driven teen-boy, except he wants to stay virgin for the right person.

At the camp, Min (Ally Maki) walks into a secret liaison of Russell’s. She blackmails him to join her after-school Geography Club. The club’s members include Terese(Nikki BlonskyHairspray (2007)), Ike(Alex Newell-Glee). Russell is forced and reluctant to be in the room with them.

The greatest thing about watching this film was that everyone was in character, and I have to give credits to Cameron Deane StewartJustin Deeley, and Andrew Caldwell taking on this, perhaps pivotal, project. In the past it would have been called CLM (Career Limiting Move)! and some A-listers will still not take on such a role today. Shame.

The irony is as an audience I don’t give a damn as long as the acting is genuine and real.

WATCH! !… It’s a good story. Play at Toronto, Carlton Magic Lantern, starting November 15, check showtimes.

Geography Club will roll out in fifteen cities across the United States and Canada starting on November 15th, anchored by screenings in New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto.  On the same date, the film will be available nationwide on iTunes and on Demand.

Other North American’s release:

New York, NY — Cinema Village (11/15)

Chicago, IL — Facets Cinema (11/15)

Sante Fe, NM — The Screen (11/15)

Phoenix, AZ — Harkins Valley Art (11/15)

Lancaster, PA — Zeotropolis Art House (11/15)

Stroudsburg, PA — Living Room Theater (11/15)

Key West, FL — Tropic Cinema (11/18)

Los Angeles, CA — Laemmle Music Hall (11/22)

Miami, FL — O-Cinema (11/22)

San Diego, CA — Digital Gym (12/6)

More to Come!



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