Movie Review: THOR: The Dark World (2013) (IMAX 3D)



Finally a superhero/nordic God’s film that I want to see again! Ok, I am bias, I have seen the first one at least 4 times, because I really like THOR: a no nonsense brute-force with his Mjolnir; Chris Hemsworth included.  This was the best sequel of any films I have seen that involved a superhero. A perfectly choreographed film with no frame wasted, no unnecessary dialogues, and beautifully crafted in 3D. One criticism, though, was those realms, villans, races, their names were so hard to remember.

Funny, today at Costco,  I was looking at a copy of Men of Steel  Blu-ray, I re-read my own blog and remembered I was annoyed how the people in Krypton suddenly switched to English! So I didn’t buy it; besides, I didn’t like the film enough! Perhaps, someone read my review, Malekith(Christopher Eccleston), the bad guy, spoke in his native tongue, which made it so much more authentic! Now, this one, I want the Blu-ray! 

As I said, the names and references were hard to remember, so I am going to do this on a macro level. Frost giants are no longer the enemies, the new one pre-dated Odin(Anthony Hopkins), which means Thor‘s (Chris Hemsworth) grandpa fought Malekith(Christopher Eccleston), the leader of the dark elves. Remember the nine realms Thor drew in a Y configuration for Jane Foster(Natalie Portman)? well, Malekith failed to conjure his power during the last convergence of the nine realms to turn all into darkness… So, you guess it, the convergence is happening again, and this time Darcy Lewis(Kat Dennings) discovers it. She now has a new intern of her own, Ian Boothby(Jonathan Howard). Basically, the convergence creates a parallel plane for the nine realms, which includes Earth. STOP. You gotta watch this !

This film is like watching a dance; hence, I said well choreographed. The priceless moments were those out-of-place instances, and they would give you real chuckles. I guess director Alan Taylor was telling us, “why so serious?! laugh a little, it’s only a movie!” Natalie Portman certainly pulled it off here with some of those comedic moments, rivalling the more predictable Kat DenningsErik Selvig(Stellan Skarsgård) was pretty much a cameo in this film. And Loki(Tom Hiddleston)was the second fiddle beside Thor, despite his smoke and mirrors. 

I am so excited, this film is just beautiful, and I really really like Heimdall(Idris Elba): cool, collected, guarding the Bifröst!

WATCH…can’t wait for the Blu-ray, I bet it will be out during Christmas! Mark my words!

P.S. Remember the black matter in Star Trek(2009), It certainly was put to good use here…!!(Watch and Find out!)


4 thoughts on “Movie Review: THOR: The Dark World (2013) (IMAX 3D)

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  2. That’s the most positive review I’ve read yet. I haven’t managed to see this one yet, but I will soon enough. Thanks for giving me hope I’m going to see something spectacular.


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