Movie Review: Breaking and Entering (2006)



A rather complex drama that took place in King’s Cross, England, while the district’s real life rejuvenation project became one of its focuses, which was used as a metaphor (new beginnings, perhaps? or just a fluff-up). Will(Jude Law) and Sandy(Martin Freeman) were partners of an architectural firm contracted for the project, and on its first official opening day, their office was broken into with all computers stolen. Then it happened again after they were replaced. Unfortunately, that had become the subplot of a rather mundane main plot of unhappy bourgeois relationship.

The reason I said complex is that there were lots of symbolism and metaphors being used here, which required thinking. I didn’t mind, but some of them seemed to be just there to stir up emotions. The story could have been about Miro(Rafi Gavron), a half Serb and half Muslim 15 year-old, who fled Sarajevo, Bosnia during the war with his mom, Amira(Juliette Binoche). It was presented that he was delinquent, got into trouble with laws and on probation.Despite, he still worked for his uncle in schemes of break-ins. Somehow, this was not the story being told: whys of Miro, and his future.

The story revolves around the family of the laptop he stole from: Will’s. Yes, another upper-middle-class professional couple’s relationship is on the brink of cracking like standing on thin ice. Liv(Robin Wright)is of arctic cold Sweden background. She has a daughter, Orit(Romi Aboulafia), who seemed to be autistic: on a balance beam at 3 a.m. still practising. Liv devotes all her energy helping her daughter. Will is not the father, and not yet the husband. Writer/director, Anthony Minghella was skilful in gradually and subtlety displaying Liv’s problems. In other words, Will has all the rights to explore his alternatives.  He befriends a Russian hooker, Oana(Vera Farmiga) at his nightly stakeout in the alleyway of the office, while remaining a gentleman. One night he sees Miro hanging at the windows pane, he chases and follows him back to some housing project. He learns that Amira is a tailor.

Instead going directly to the police, he starts going to Amira and Miro house frequently: he needs his suit and pants alter. A relationship starts (I wonder if not Binoche, would it have started).

I understand the message, I think it was clear at the end when Will wanted to start a clean slate with Liv, who he claimed to really “LOVE”. Personally,  I think he was delusional if he thought that it would work with Liv, but … What about the relationship between him and Amira? that part was where it got complex, or maybe I should take it at face-value, i.e., how it played out.

WATCH… I stayed.


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