A-B Movie Review: The Double (2011)



If you like predictable films and a fan of Richard Gere, then you will like this. This is one of those un-inspiring assignments handed by a student who did his work, so you had to give a D+ for efforts and meeting all the requirements. The plus was for a plausible meh ending.

CIA agent Paul Shepherdson(Richard Gere) comes out of retirement at the request of the CIA head, Tom Highland(Martin Sheen). A signature killer resurfaced, even though Paul thought he had killed the guy, a Russian assassin. FBI agent, Ben Geary(Topher Grace) wrote his doctoral thesis on international espionage based on this assassin: Cassius. Agent Geary is in charge of the murder investigation of a Senator, whose throat was slit Cassius’s style. Paul tags on as his adviser looking for this copycat.

True Blood’s Stephen Moyer played Brutus, another Russian spy in Federal prison.

If you watch the trailer, you will get most of the story. Only if you stay, you will get to that meh moment.

Throughout Gere had been giving us that “Okay, let’s finish this” look! and remember Donkey in Shrek?!

SKIP…unless above predicament.


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