Movie Review: New Year’s Eve (2011)



Are you planning to have a New Year’s Eve dinner party this year? Here is an idea of a party game: watch this movie, and the guest who names the most actors in this film, will win a price, and the one who also adds one other movie they did wins a grand prize. In addition you can add all sort of other trivia for special prizes?! For example, who was a SNL alumnus, who won an Oscar, etc. All I am saying is that, perhaps, this may be better than watching another classic re-runs like Grant’s It’s a Wonderful Life, or Andrew’s The Sound of Music, …It’s a Gary Marshall’s film: get verklempt already!

Assuming you are planning the game, I am not naming any names here, besides, the trailer will sure give some of them away, or the DVD cover.

It’s New Year’s Eve, Claire Morgan is the VP in-charge , for the first time, of the ball-drop at Times Square. Obviously, things don’t go as planned. Jensen is the entertainment of the evening, and Laura, his ex-girlfriend, is the chef of the party at Ahred Records. The CEO is Sam Ahred Jr., who supposes to meet his Cinderella after midnight. Ooops, I can’t believe I just give that away! But, let’s carry on. Kim is a protective mom, who doesn’t want her daughter, Hailey, to hang around Times Square for the countdown, cause she is only 15. The funniest part is the skid between two couples who are trying to win $25K for first baby born in the new year. In the same hospital, Stan Harris is dying and nurse Aimee is helping him with his final hours. Lastly, one of Jensen’s backup singers, Elise,  is trapped in a broken elevator with his crappy neighbour, Randy. Oh, I forgot, Ingrid is one of those who blames the world, but never does anything out of her comfort zone; young Paul, bike-courier, changes her life.

Okay, I believe I describe the main stories here. Unlike those A-B movies (A-Listers in B-movies) that I have been seeing of late, every actor put out a decent effort here, and I am satisfied. The fun part is really the not-knowing who will pop out of a scene!

Anyway, it’s really a chick-flick, unless the date you bring to the party is one of those ‘metrosexual’ (lack of a better term) guys; otherwise, your boyfriend is unlikely to watch it with you on New Year’s Eve, and any other day! just saying.

WATCH…Nothing deep, nor trying to be artsy, it’s just good old entertainment.


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