Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

Shhh! I was indeed quite bored, especially when the most exciting parts, I found, had already been shown in trailers. Sure, there were those inferences of, rich citizens in Capitol, immaculate Presidential palace, wasteful indulgence, the “Show Biz”,  etc., but at the end of the day, a good film is about how much I empathize with, sympathize, and am transcended by, the characters. Sorry, nada here for me; but it’s okay, as I learned the French saying Chacun son gôut! I am never quick to judge, so perhaps, the last installment will wrap things up with an exciting conclusion. 

No point of telling the plot here, cause  if you are planning to see this, it’s likely you have seen the first movie. If you are not planning to then there is even less relevant for me to dwell further into the story.


  • costumes and make-ups.
  • perhaps Katniss was a fake, afterall?! C’mon there got to be some “No way! Are you kidding me! Seriously!” type of a twisted plot…


  • some scenes in the “Dome” were so dark that at times I just saw figures dashing here and there.
  • 24 victors, most just ended up with a face-shot in the sky…WHO were they? should I care at all?
  • too long and not much to grab on. I understand the narrative was important for the development of the story, but unless it was not about rebellion and the poor against the controlling riches, then perhaps I should have pay more attention.

You know there are a cliffhanger and a game-changer at the end, so you are pre-warned, but not enough to spoil it for you.

WATCH…cause there were so much hypes, celebrity interviews, and Tuesday’s half-price.

P.S. Last year’s I was warned of digital copyright violations, so no poster pic this year, sorry.


4 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire (2013)

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  2. For once we disagree. 😉

    As I said in my own review, I think this one fantastic. Gave it a B+ and have it slated as my sixth favorite film of the year, of the near 115 I’ve seen.


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