Movie Review: Red 2(2013)

An epiphany!  While the Millennial are fighting for a New Order: The Hunger Games; the Baby boomer are still clinging onto their Cold War, and the Gen-Xers, and -Yers, I guess, are busy making babies, and their relationships work. It seems that way at least for blockbuster movies, they pigeonhole their audiences to a T. So no surprise here, the sequel to Red (D.C.Comics), is the continuation of how a bunch of ex-secret agents just don’t want to RETIRE! 



The first episode was about Frank Moses(Bruce Willis) craved and found love in the most unusual place, and brought his love, Sarah Ross(Mary-Louise Parker), along for the most dangerous ride. Eventually, she found out his identity. The first-half of this film was a follow-up of their now consummated relationship. Wise-guy, of course, wanted to protect an innocent girl from getting hurt, and smart girl believed she was ready for more rides: till death do us part! In other words, Sarah is in training, with and by Frank’s best friend,  Marvin Boggs(John Malkovich).

Victoria(Helen Mirren) completely stole the movie, and I wish there would be a spin-off with her taking the lead, or she could just take over the franchise. Cause while Willis were carbon-copying lines and actions, Dame Mirren delivered her one-liners fresh and actions memorable. We also had a much animated and interesting Sir. Anthony Hopkins, in comparison to King Odin(Thor), played MI-6 best kept secret, Bailey. He was the one that imploded us back to the Cold War era, where he developed a weapon, perhaps mythical or theoretical, that could create mass destructive explosion. The Kremlin was indicated, that’s when Katja(Catherine Zeta-Jones), an ex-KGB and now comrade General, must take action to gather information from Frank, her ex-lover. Before all that could happen, current super-power, America, of course, was involved: National Security-Jack Horton(Neal McDonough). He was there to take out the old CIA spies. He recruited a Korean top professional assassin, Han Cho Bai(Byung-hun Lee) to put Frank six-feet under. Jack seemingly took care of Marvin first without Han’s help.

Nothing was spare in this film; bullets, guns, cars, planes, police, and locations (Paris, London, Moscow, Hong Kong, like a subliminal world-tour!!) … better overshoot than underkill was the order. In fact, most American’s actions movies seem to be this way nowadays.

If you are au courant with current affairs, guess which country bought the weapon, real or fake, from Bailey (really just two probable countries)?! OK, Imagine Trebek say, “There is a big fight scence in this country’s Consulate, the one that will not disarm its nuclear weapons.” The category is “Middle-East”.

WATCH…I bet a sequel is in the making, cause most baby boomers will want to see it.


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