A-B Movie Review: Catch.44 (2011)

Malin Akerman is Tes. A cocktail waitress of a strip joint in a really small town; one of those trucks make pitstop. She has two buddies, Kara(Nikki ReedTwilight) and Dawn(Deborah Ann Woll – True Blood), they are kinda more like Mel’s Devils than Charlie’s Angels. Luckily they are still working for uncle Mel(Bruce Willis); they screwed up last time. Tes is the runner for uncle Mel. She is his new recruit. Then there is cop killer, Ronny(Forest Whitaker), who wants to cash in his pension. They are all in a greasy-spoon diner owned by Billy(Shea Whigham – Broadwalk Empire)and Francine(Jill Stokesberry); the question will be who walks out alive. The rest is pretty much what Tes keeps telling Ronny, with guns pointing at each other, “What are you talking about?!”



Somehow this A-B movie worked better than the other ones. Perhaps, the material was well suited for a B-Movie. I liked the editing: combination of flashbacks, character profiles, current situation…

What drawn me to this was, first, the trailer, the no bullshit shot-outs, and then the cast; I mean Forest Whitaker(Oscar’s winner), usually a serious actor and director, why was he in a B-movie? (But then I remember he was in one of my favorite sci-fi films, Species (1995)…) He and Willis certainly kicked the film up a necessary notch, cause it would have been a big laugh if done by unknowns. Willis was totally “unlpugged”; he had minimal make-up and with real thinning hair in a scene with Akerman. In fact, that scene in Mel’s living room was quite memorable (I think he was flashing something at Akerman? his robe was untied, but the camera never caught anything). Then the scene between Willis and Whitaker, they could have just winged it, but they didn’t.

WATCH… It is not a must-see, but it’s good enough when you are tired of watching more commercials than actual 30 minutes TV series episode (really just 12 minutes for an half hour show).


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