Movie Review: After Earth (2013)

Son, your old man is not always around to help you! So don’t be afraid, forget about your primal fear imprinted in your DNA, choose to be in the present and stand up to danger, cause that you handle with training, experience and skills. This film was made by the Smith’s family; Jada Pinkett Smith(mom) and Will Smith (dad) were two of several other producers, and Jaden Smith(son) was the lead. Director was M. Night Shyamalan



Basically, big corporations killed Earth, and humans are sent to another planet, Nova Prime, by a corporation to live there. Surprise, there are indigenous aliens who live there too, so humans are trained and ready for combat (conquer and colonization, again!), the enemy is alien creature Ursa. Let me think…how about Starship Troopers (1997)?  General Raige (Will Smith) is a fearless samurai with his cutass, he lives in shadow; therefore, Ursa cannot smell or see his fear!

Young cadet Kitai Raige (Jaden Smith) does not make Ranger. He feels like a failure, but he wants to be like dad. Dad is commander first, father second. Wife,  Faia Raige (Sophie Okonedo), advises dad that the kid needs a father, not orders. See,  when kid was young, he was in a protective bubble (metaphor, eh!) put in by big sister, Senshi Raige (Zoë Kravitz), who was killed by an Ursa, witnessed by little brother through the glass dome. Dad was away fighting wars, so couldn’t help. Dad is now ready for retirement, so takes son with him on last trip. Ship crashes, lands on Post-Earth!

Guilt trips, anger, father and son re-bond. The usual. So does mom have any role? In the background, very far. The usual.

No spoilers: three objects survived the crash, Kitai, General Raige, an Ursa egg. The math was simple

The Post-Earth rebuilt itself. There are new species of flora and fauna. Some become bigger, some transmute with new behaviour, some carry new toxins…beautiful scenery where Kitai has to traverse: Shyamalan‘s only signature.

Nothing to report about the performance, Sir! flat-line, Sir! Request to terminate communications, Sir!

It’s a family movie that helps father and son to bond. Good intention, no argument.

WATCH… as a family in the living room with children under 10.


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