Movie Review: One for the Money (2012)



I remember Stephanie Plum (Katherine Heigl) in Janet Evanovich’s novels; those that start with a number. Sue Grafton’s start with alphabet. I also remember Plum was intelligent, and Evanovich’s novels were funny. No chuckles when I was watching this rather one note, un-romantic, un-thrilling, un-becoming, sleuth story. The highlight was probably Gram(Debbie Reynolds); Reynolds certainly knew how to work the cameras. Joe Morelli(Jason O’Mara) was one of Plum’s ex-boyfriends. He skipped bail and was a wanted man, and also an ex-cop. Plum was down-and-out, and went to work for her cousin as a bounty hunter in a town called Trenton. It must have been a friendly town with no imminent dangers for Plum to take on a job like that. 

Good for Heigl, at least she was still making movies. This time,  instead of her being in a  100% rom-com, a 1% detective work was added to it. In other words, there were no real crime to be solved here, the bread crumbs were not scattered, and no steamy sex scenes either. Luckily Ranger(Daniel Sunjata) was always there to get her out of a pickle. Ranger was a professional bounty hunter, armed with guns and shelthered with bullet-proof vest. Plum had many AHA moments that helped her to crack the case. Honestly, Joe mostly was a distraction.

The story: Joe is an alleged killer that jumps bail. Stephanie is out to get him for the money, and to get even! He never returned her calls after she ran over  his leg in three pieces a long time ago. No one assumes Joe is innocent.

Nothing endearing, nothing funny, and certainly nothing earth-shaterring between Heigl and O’Mara.

SKIP… I would rather read Evanovich’s novels.


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