Movie Review: 2 Guns (2013)

Who could you really trust if the top-boss didn’t give a dime about your whistle-blowing? To silent you, he put you out-of-sight out-of-mind. In the new era after 9/11, the rules had changed in the US of A. There seemed to be a disconnect among all the law-enforcing federal agencies. This film was based on the graphic novel series published by Boom Studios (Wiki). Since I have never read those, I will draw on my experience with Lee Child’s novel series, Jack Reacher, which have similar theme as this movie’s, i.e., Reacher would normally say something like,” these guys are trained soliders, and those are definitely jarheads, not good. Black-suits, must be FBI agents. Donuts, he is definitely from the Sheriff office”, he likely would add,”why are they here in the four corners of the street at the same hour and minutes?!” I think you have some rough ideas what went on in 2 Guns, so I would spare the details and not spoil the fun for you.



Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg made an unlikely pair, but worked amazingly well together. Stig(Mark Wahlberg) is a loquacious guy who annoys Bobby(Denzel Washington) a great deal, but they have a job to finish, that is to rob a bank that sits across a diner with the best donuts in three counties. The plan is to snitch the Mexican cartel, Papi Greco(Edward James Olmos), of his drug money. Obviously, nothing ever goes according to plans, when they blow up the safety deposit boxes in the bank, they find more money than they expected: $43.125 million instead of $3 million. Does this sound like fun? So many possibilities: do they split 50/50? Will one of them becomes greedy and kills the other? Why is there the discrepancy? Did Washington finally play a bad guy?

The film had a Cowboy Western feel to it, but updated in today’s context. The best piece of acting belonged to Bill Paxton, Earl. I was scared of him, and his new Russian roulette game. That was tense! You would know right away he was in-charge of the whole sting. In contrast, the only female lead in this film, Deb(Paula PattonMission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol), was bit disappointing. I knew right away she was double-crossing Bobby! James Marsden did a decent job playing Quince. He is one of those actors that can take on different roles; so that’s good for us and him!

The film was well paced among actions, humours, horrors, and intrigues; in other words, you gotta to watch this ASAP!

WATCH…I really liked it.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: 2 Guns (2013)

    • Hmmm…maybe because I put the dvd in with low expectation 😂. For an action movie, all I want to see is that it has good rhythms, this one seemed to fit the bill when I watched.


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