Movie Review: FIN/END (2012)

What are you? an Atheist? an Existentialist? a Christian? a Muslim? a Meta-physicist? How you see this film will depend on your beliefs. Let’s start with the cliché discourse: Alone. Here is the argument: Alone is definable only when others exist. Therefore, if no one existed, then you were not alone. Does it mean you are free? or simply it means you exist. period. Take it one step further, does it mean having a spouse and friends will put a null and void to the term alone? Since they seem to be mutually exclusive. Once again, depend on what you believe, your conclusion of this film will be “..(purposely leave blank)…”



In the opening scene, charcoal filled fingernails fingers are busy finishing a drawing. Some of the old drawings depict sharp teeth beast with drooling mouth wide open coming towards its victim, another page is a sail boat, and more. We are now in the subway tunnel waiting for the train to come. The one with dirty fingers stands at the edge of the platform. Jumper? Passengers exit, Félix(Daniel Grao) looks at the guy strangely, as if he knows him.

Félix picks up a young attractive woman(Clara Lago), he is about 40, in his SUV. They are heading to a cottage for a class reunion. The friends haven’t seen each other for over 20 years. I thought, “Cabins in the Woods?” Of course, friendships are skin deep when the pleasantries are done over with, and resentment creeps in. At the bonfire, stone-head Sergio(Miquel Fernández) goes full-monty in front of the open fire. Suddenly, the sky lights up, brighter than regular lightnings, and yet it does not look like a meteor has fallen. Blackout. Rafa(Antonio Garrido) stomps out claiming the whole idea of a reunion is bullshit! Sara explains the whole point is to meet Angel(Eugenio Mira), the Prophet, and to say sorry for abandoning him over the years. He has been locked up in an asylum, and Sara(Carmen Ruiz) thinks his condition is now under control: schizophrenia. I thought, ” Friday the 13th?”

The sun rises, Rafa has disappeared. He must have gone into town, or somewhere. But no cars can start. He walked? The group of seven heads out to the mountain trying to look for Rafa. They arrive at a camp site, no one but camping equipments. Weird things start to happen, and one by one the seven quickly become five, and so forth. Animals are now exhibiting strange behaviours. I thought, definitely, “The Happening?” or maybe “The Descent?”

Then a jumbo jet falls out of the sky into a corn field that matches a drawing in the sketch book Félix found inside the car, Angel died in, down a ditch in over the highway. Angel’s watch on his limp arm says 8:45 pm, the lightning happened at 12:20 am. He was visible because he died before IT happened. I thought again,”Heroes or LOST?”

It’s funny, if this was not in Spanish, with actors that I didn’t know, I would have said, “Are you serious?!” like after watching Shyamalan‘s The Happening(2008). 

So what is the true definition of YOU? 

WATCH…foreign films have more soul and artistic merits, especially they seldom have millions to spend on CGI effects.


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