Movie Review: Butter(2011)

This film is really like Butter! Imagine butter on fresh oven baked bread, you just can’t have enough of them. However, sometimes, you just hate baking with butter too, it melts so fast, makes your fingers and hands oily, sticky, and smelly, and it doesn’t matter how many time you wash your hands, you smell it. I am so glad, I end the year with such a missed gem. To be fair, how do you market a film based on real life Iowa’s Butter Sculpting contest?! Destiny(Yara Shahidi) here was the real fictional Blue Bayou’s Hushpuppy in Beasts of Southern WildShahidi will melt your butter heart in an instance! 



This film had a respectable cast, you will know all the main characters, and hence, one reason that had drawn me in after watching the trailer.

We are in Iowa, the diary state, I believe. Bob Pickler(Ty Burrell – Modern Family) has been the state Butter Sculpting champion for the last 15 years, and his family is proud of such perpetual achievements. Wife, Laura(Jennifer Garner), sees that as the family crown jewel, it is as if a politician wife, whose husband has been re-elected again and again. However, Bob has been asked not to compete and to retire from the competition, and to become a honourary judge instead. Husband agrees, but wife is incensed. Laura is the show, the show is her! Laura has a step daughter, Kaitlen(Ashley Greene), that they never bonded after 15 years of marriage with Kaitlen’s father, Bob.

Destiny has been kicked around from foster family to family, until she has been assigned with Ethan(Rob Corddry) and Jill(Alicia Silverstone)of Iowa. After moving in with her new family, everythings start to look up for Destiny, who never knew his parents. At camp Butter, she has her first taste of butter sculpting, and she likes it, despite being so weird and White. She enters the State competition along with Laura, who wants to maintain status quote, the trophy can never leave the family.

Spicing up the story is stripper Brooke(Olivia Wilde), who seems to be the only stripper in a strip joint, and Bob’s the only client. Laura rams her car into Bob’s hatchback with Brooke on his P and in the car. He has to put a bag of frozen peas on his P back at home… Laura is ashamed of her husband.

The competiton is serious business, the contestants work in air controlled glass covered room. BTW, one of the contestants is Brooke. She will stop at nothing to bring Laura down. Kaitlen falls in love with Brooke, she finds her being so alternative.

Although Destiny wins the competition, Laura manages to cajole a re-match out of the judges with helps from her high school sweet-heart, Boyd Bolton(Hugh Jackman), a car dealership owner.

It sounds pretty lame right! Yes, it could have been. But this film was anything but, honest, natural and organic, especially the choice of words. I loved that scene when straight-laced White protestant Laura thinks out loud in her SUV with swear and obscene words!

So a warning, there will be many P-, V-, F-, M-and C- words out of different mouths. If you are already offended, do SKIP. For example, after Laura used Boyd, he says in a Camero, “It was so tight, tighter than 20 years ago when in high school, it’s like she had never used it since… grateful to you, God!”. The fun was watching those words coming out of relatively squeaky clean Jackman’s and Gardner’s mouths. 

WATCH…it’s truly a heart-warming story, Shahidi nailed it, and Wilde surprised me here with good performance. I also liked Corddry as the foster dad.


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