Movies Review: Movie 43(2013) and This is the End (2013)

I watched these two films in tandem, and so should you. Make sure you keep drinking while watching them, and with your BFFs.  Basically the contemporaries of the movie arts were just having fun, and I could see a sort of catharsis for them while doing them. Honestly, when someone made it in Hollywood, they have certainly been through a lot of sh** to get there, and they have put themselves through sh** too to be that good to have their names on the marquee. It didn’t come easy for sure, and I totally respect that ! So in appreciation of their collective work, as audience we should sit back and enjoy. They were both gross in content, but so be it. If they dare to make them, we dare back to watch them.



Movie 43 was basically a bunch of skits put together, and it ended up being a movie. In essence, they must have been crazy ideas that had been pitched to movie executives before. I was only able to watch three of them, and they were all hilarious in a “did they go there kinda way”. The one between Halle Berry‘s Emily and Stephen Merchant‘s Donald was just so, so, …”no way-ah!” Tons of toilet jokes, and sex organs jokes, so be prepared.



While Movie 43 was more a grown-up version involving some of the serious actors, This is the End was more a buddies movie, which was just as gross btw, that involved  Seth Rogen‘s buds. Everyone played themselves. In essence, the Apocalypse happens in Hollywood. Those redeemed will rise to heaven, those didn’t fall into hell fire.

WATCH… lighten up, and let’s go there with all the A-listers! These two certainly will be my Go-To after a long week of serious meetings ( I bet you so want to use some of the lines).


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