Movie Review: Dead Man Down(2013)

A film about vengeance, and mixed in with an unusal relationship between the two main characters, Victor(Colin Farrell) and Beatrice(Noomi Rapace). They both had been wronged, and wanted revenge. Beatrice lived with her mom, Valentine Louzon(Isabelle Huppert), and the building across on the balcony we saw Victor. Beatrice blackmailed Victor to become her surrogate killer.



Directed by Niels Arden Oplev, who also directed the original The Girl with the Dragon Tattooin other words, this was his first North America’s debut. Since this was a film about a “good” guy went after bad guys of the underworld, nothing was bright in colours, except later on when there was some hope of a love relationship, Beatrice put on a red dress. However, red was for dangers as well. Victor was the silent type, he was too engulfed with pains and plans. Perhaps this was where the film broke down?! I didn’t share Victor’s pains. He watched a home video of wife and daughter over and over on the kitchen wall, so…(Minority Report). I understand people deal with griefs differently, but for this film, Farrell needed to give us more. To be fair, silent could well represent internal turmoil, and he did a bang up job of that.

Rapace also showed some depth with her character; she was a beautician, whose face was ruined in a car accident, by a drunk driver. I was surprised to see Huppert (The Piano Teacher), famous French actress, played the mom.

Darcy(Dominic Cooper) was Victor’s pal in crime, but his relentless efforts to find the killer of the big boss’s, Alphonse(Terrence Howard), left hand man was hitting Victor’s nerves.

Beatrice and Victor got each other, or shared each other pains. So, the end made perfect sense, and I was glad it wasn’t one of those alternative ending like Twelve Monkeys

Overall, this was a “safe” film, i.e., predictable.

SKIP… can’t think of a solid reason that you have to watch this.


4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Dead Man Down(2013)

  1. It definitely wanted to be more crazy than it actually was, however, the not-so-crazy stuff like the scenes with Rapace and Farrell, actually worked and kept this movie intriguing. Nice review G.M.


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