Movie Review: August: Osage County(2014)

Tour de force; high-octane; a new movie classic that rivals Bette Davis‘s and Joan Crawford‘s What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?(1962)In the sense that how worse and dark could it go?! Pretty, but at least we could laugh and thought it coud never have been our family. Are you sure that laugh or chuckle wasn’t because we wish we could in fact say it all loud just did every character in this film. I have never seen something that was so raw and honest before, and I hope it will get Oscar’s the Best Motion Picture nomination. A movie classic is one that you will go back to, or refer to years after.  



Womanhood was the theme of this film. In other words, what they represented at different stages of life, and they were ugly. In contrast, the men in this film were free of this dilemma, they could do whatever they wanted, and anytime they wanted it. Let’s start with alcoholic, depressed, adulterous, award-winning,  Beverly Weston(Sam Shepard), who sees his struggle as more intolerable than his drug-addicted, masochistic, connived, cancer-ridden wife, Violet Weston(Meryl Streep). He cannot deal with her constant condescension, he chooses to free his soul. In life, two events, wedding and funeral, usually assemble a family cast, like it or not, but the Weston’s reunion since many years is at Violet’s old farmhouse on a Mid-West flat plain of Osage county comes after the disappearance of their father.

Quiet, obedient, altruistic, Ivy Weston(Julianne Nicholson) is the only daughter that has never left her parents, she lives close by. Ivy calls her egotistic, depressed, angry, sister Barbara Weston(Julia Roberts)to give her the news. Barbara’s arrival is greeted with Violet’s secretive, berating, flirtatious sister, Mattie Fae Aiken(Margo Martindale), or Aunt Mattie Fae. Carnivorous, sympathetic uncle Charlie (Chris Cooper) follows Mattie Fae into the house shortly to console his sister-in-law, Violet. Barbara’s estranged, educated, adulterous husband, Bill Fordham(Ewan McGregor) comes in support of his separated wife, in tote is their 14 year-old, vegan, naïve daughter, Jean Fordham(Abigail Breslin). The verbal war starts shortly these people arrive (imagine watching an action thriller with words as bullets, wits as weapons, honesty mass destruction).

A few days later, on way to Beverley’s funeral, a red Ferrari with loud music speeds pass the funeral possession, in it is the youngest, dimwit, romantic sister, Karen Weston(Juliette Lewis), and her German-Irish, pedophile fiancé, Steve Huberbrecht(Dermot Mulroney). Lastly, a berated, uncomplicated cousin, Little Charlie (Benedict Cumberbatch) never makes it to the funeral. He overslept and misses it. The main event is at the funeral dinner.

Before Beverley disappears, he hires Native American Johnna Monevata(Misty Upham) to take care of Violet. Violet scorns of her ancestors, but admires her youth and beauty.

I think I have given enough to entice you to go see this film. And when you think you have seen enough of Roberts and Streep, don’t! They certainly have more to show us! As I say, this film is raw salt rubs wounds, old and new, so be prepared to put a stick in your mouth: some look forward to heal, some bit*h about the why me, and some block the pains.

WATCH…One of the best on my list of 2013 (supposed to release in Dec.2013). The cast was amazing, everyone of them. 


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