Movie Review: Riddick(2013)

Third chapter of the franchise, and it started to lose its appeal. Pitch Black was refreshing and original; The Chronicles of Riddick was memorable with its CGI effects, and the necromongers, and the underverse… who could forget! Riddick was creative with its alien monsters, but that’s about it. 



story was that Riddick(Vin Diesel) gets bored being the King of the necromongers, behind him stands constantly his rival,  Lord Vaako(Karl Urban). He is led to an uninhabited planet by Krone(Andreas Aivergis), ambushed. He survives to re-learn his animal battle instinct. Two groups of “mer” descended to capture him upon his self-identified scan at a deserted beacon, an empty compound very much like the one in Pitch BlackTo ensure some continuity even with the first film, the father of  William J. Johns(Cole Hauser), the junkie cop, Boss Johns(Matt Nable) is among all the tough guys and gal there to lock Riddick up.

The renegade was Santana(Jordi Mollà), just there for the money, and knew little about the power of Riddick. It means he was the joker of the film.

Other than the story was weak (seen it before), the visual was OK. The new alien monster was too much a resemblance of a version of the xenomorphs, except it had a scorpion clipper tail, with some evolutionary faux-face to scare its prey.

SKIP… no need to spoil the first two, which were great!


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