The beautiful and sophisticated space island  Elysium overshadowed the true human desperation on earth; perhaps, writer/director, Neill Blomkamp, was condoning a utopic future of riches; hence, spending more time on minute details of Torus than carving out soulful stories of poor bastards on earth that destined to die, the only goal of their lives was when



Here lies the major flaw, or perhaps I missed that in the opening narrative. Was the factory built on earth because otherwise it would have polluted Elysium? The whole story was really based on this simple thread of connection. Think about it, if Elysium was isolated, which it could be, and there was no factory that built those robots, there would have been no security threats. At the same time, if the riches could not be killed or die, they could live happily ever after, so what is the point of having an army? Even if riches could kill other rich people, so what, they lived the next day all over again. In other words, Delacourt(Jodie Foster) didn’t die, did she? especially if Kruger(Sharlto Copley)’s head was blown off, and could be reanimated. Besides, she should have run to a med pod after getting stabbed on her neck, wouldn’t that be her natural instinct, especially for an executive security officer?!

I got it, the defense on Elysium was not perfect; therefore, they needed ground assaults to bring runaway spaceships down, seriously! I guess the GPS was stronger on earth then, wasn’t it? Oh, I remember now, it was because they didn’t want to appear to be killing those poor people from earth, i.e., no hits out from Elysium, it would have been too political. Sorry, I don’t think those people on earth voted for the Elysium’s President? nor I think any people on Elysium were conscientious of any living beings beyond their space station?! So political correctness for ….

I could go on and on, but I respect the work a movie maker put in, despite the logic of their final product.

Elysium, the space station, was spectacular; the artificial story, Max(Matt Damon) and a forced sentimental “relationship” with Frey(Alice Braga), and a psychopathic mercenary were just as clouded, and polluted as the air depicted in the futuristic earth.

SKIP…lots of original ideas, great screenshots, and new action sequences though. As a whole, no thanks.


6 thoughts on “Elysium(2013)

  1. I actually enjoyed it a lot more than you did, and think it is worth a watch overall. It did have some silly plot holes as you mentioned, and overall, a well written review that brought up some good points. It is not nearly as great as it could have been.


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