Movie Review: Carrie(2013)

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie! Despite director, Kimberly Peirce, strong feminine perspective, I couldn’t help but watched the film through the lens of  Brian De Palma‘s 1976 classic version. Sissy Spacek‘s Carrie’s eyes, and Piper Laurie‘s orgasmic crucifixion are just too powerful to be reckoned with, likens Carrie 2013’s telekinetic powers. And I don’t know if anyone could see it with a fresh set of eyes?! ( perhaps only those born in the last five years), without the anticipation of those critical scenes that define Carrie.



I doubt I need to dwell on the story, period.

Carrie 2013 was updated with teens using smartphones, txting, uploading videos to youtube, etc, but the sad truth is that bullying lives. While boys fight, girls connive. Sometimes, relentless.

Personally,I think Chloë Grace Moretz lacked that granola beauty that I was looking for, which might have caused the film to be more a Cinderella story than a horror flick remake. I liked the opening scene, definitely something original. There was also more self discovery from Carrie, at least for her powers; she stood up against her mom, Margaret White(Julianne Moore), like any typical rebellious teens, but it fell short of explaining why a teen girl knew nothing about her periods. Nice attempt to get away with the one-liner, “she was home-schooled”. On the other hand, Moore just wasn’t fanatic nor pathetic enough, I was hoping for great things after her opening scene. So I was disappointed that Moore interpreted Margaret as merely a sadist.

Anyway, I also liked the targeted kills, instead of the blanket killing in the 76’s; the revenge scene was satisfying but nothing that defied gravity. Lastly, the best, there will be no sequels with the way it eneded. RIP!

SKIP…not that it was bad, it’s just for the same reason no one should remake Jaws, Alien, …. Carrie, cause they have signature scenes ingrained in our heads!


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