Movie Review: Drinking Buddies(2013)

Genuine, original, and it broke down the cliché of  When Sally Met Harry, or perhaps, proved the opposite: men and women could be buddies. Even though you might wonder if it was the effect after many cases of two-four between Kate (Olivia Wilde) and Luke(Jake M. Johnson), Wilde‘s amazing performance was just too convincing that it could be: a female-buddy that respects her male friend ‘s boundary. 



Two relationships, four characters. Kate’s boyfriend is Chris(Ron Livingston), but Kate sees him more as a FwB. Basically, she f**ks and she goes. Luke’s girlfriend is Jill(Anna Kendrick), a special ed. teacher. Kate and Luke work together, and they hang out after work most of the time. One weekend at Chris’s beachside cottage, the four spend the weekend together. Either you buy into the concept of opposite attracts, or of soul-mates that share same interests. At the end of the weekend, Chris votes no to the former, dumps Kate, and Jill freezes after Chris kisses her, but remains faithful to Luke.

Kate “man-ups” her sorrow the next day, and goes out drinking after work to reconcile her loss; she sleeps with her co-worker, Dave(Ti West ).

This film reminds me of Sideways (2004), its style only. Wilde surprised me again, the last film was Butter, she has depth and definitely not just a pretty face. Kendrick has always been great in what she did, except I didn’t like her as much in Pitch Perfect.

WATCH…one of those that you never heard of, but is surprisingly good.



4 thoughts on “Movie Review: Drinking Buddies(2013)

  1. Good review. Made me feel as if I was hanging around all of my friends, drinking and having a good time. Except the ones here were definitely a more attractive than any of my friends.


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