Movie Review: The Whistleblower(2010)

Based on Kathryn Bolkovac’s whistleblowing that uncovered corruption, human trafficking in war-torn Bosnia and Herzegovina, while she was under contract for the United Nations. Rachel Weisz adopted an American attitude and accent delivered a performance even more amazing than she was in The Constant Gardener (2005). Another learning opportunity especially for me to catch up on political events that somehow evaded me while they were happening ( I was busy trying to be a capitalist). This was a heart wrenching story that you wish it would never happen again in our civilized world, but it does, and I don’t see a happy ending is ever near. The sad part is that no matter how many research and money we do and pour, there are humans that will constantly combat to preserve their stone-age mind! The irony is that we could not just get rid of them humanely: an eye for an eye. 



Kathryn Bolkovac(Rachel Weisz) loves her job as a police in Nebraska. but she fails at her marriages (two). She has a teenage girl, but she lost the custody battle, and her daughter moves away to another city. She asks for relocation, denied. She ends up signing a contract that pays good money to work as a peace officer in Bosnia.

Raya(Roxana Condurache) graduates from high school in Ukraine, her friend, Luba(Paula Schramm) promises her a new life somewhere else, all she needs is a fake passport. The next time we see Raya is when she fallen seriously ill, she has a gut-churning infection.

Kathryn quickly learns that she is in a boys club, but she doesn’t seem to mind. She becomes lover with Jan Van Der Velde(Nikolaj Lie Kaas).

At times, I wish the film turned into one that would grant Kathryn superpower to ward off her enemies, but even still the quick sand she stood swallowed her up quicker than you would have time to txt your friends. The whole system was collapsing on her, and what could she do?!

A good film that most successful in stirring up emotions is one that shows you just enough: lots of “trophy” pictures and an empty dungeon at the back of the bar. Those images would bring you where you needed to comprehend the inhumanity at stake.

I will take EPS for $2000; Name 4 things Corporations look for during foreign ethnic disputes; What are Wars, Rebuilt, Contracts,…. Profits.

WATCH…if you didn’t know what happened back then in the former Yugoslavia, there is no excuse now. Knowledge is at our fingertips.


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