Movie Review:Internship(2013)

Probably the biggest brand marketing (it’s not a product,so can’t say it was product placement) in film history. The film had sprinkles of love, sprinkles of underdog, generational gap, nostalgia; in other words,  the same type of adversity story about kids who didn’t belong, but made it great at the end.  It was also another attempt to bring two generations to the same theater seats, which coincided with what Google really does, as in this film: sell, sell, sell! 



The only time Vince Vaughn isn’t Vince Vaughn is when he was in The Cell (2000) and Psycho(1998); otherwise, he is just annoying and one-tone. He plays Billy McMahonNick Campbell(Owen Wilson) is his sidekick in their ex-sales job. They get a Skype’s interview, and somehow get selected and is now on Google’s campus out in the Silicon Valley (Interestingly, in the news yesterday was the protest of local residents in SF against those employees of big tech firms taking over their neighbourhoods, i.e., new developments to accommodate them).

A company that sells intellectual property its asset is their human capital, so we see how well they are treated. The subtle message seems to be these companies are the only hope for the young college graduates. Their internship programs do not even guarantee a job, but nonetheless a paragraph on their résumé, which they will gladly take. So I diverge.

Dana(Rose Byrne uses her native Australian accent) plays the geek executive who seems to know where she is and heads toward with her career, but of course, Nick is her nemesis to teach her a few things about “smell the roses”.

I already tell you how it ends.

SKIP…I watched 25% of it yesteday. I gave it another chance since it was a snow day here.


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