Pacific Rim (2013)



Update: February 5, 2014

It looks better on DVD than when I watched it in 3D in theater. My review below holds.

July 2013: What HAPPENED? Really not much, other than earth is in peril again,and this time from alien creatures called Kaiju (怪獣), and human has been in combat to eradicate them for many years. They are the jaegers [ˈjeɪgə] n 1. (military) Military a marksman in certain units of the German or Austrian armies (The free dictionary by farflex). These global jaegers and their iron soldiers are almost in extinction.

This is really a kid’s movie, but I went anyway hoping for fond memories of Godzilla and Ultraman. I guess I got what happened? instead. In other words, there were no characters’ characters at all. I had no empathy nor sympathy with any characters, except 4-eyed Dr. Newton Geiszler(Charlie Day), the only person with any intelligent. Yes, it’s for kids, and I should not be critical. I remember I watched Ultraman (man in suit) fighting Godzilla (man in suit) with little judgement but enjoyment way back then. I bet kids 10- 18 should feel the same watching this.

Director Guillermo del Toro‘s marketing blitz was working, and one of the reasons I went. The music scores was good, so effective that I couldn’t get it out of my head walking out of the theater, until I got to my car. The Kaijus were bad, most of the time you couldn’t make out what they looked like, cause most of the fight scenes were in the dark. The flourescent  features helped, at least, to locate them in the dark. Those iron soldiers, one was called Mach 3, were just too fragile! and the irony is an iron-soldier needed 20 helicopters to take them to the combat location: Ironmen where were you?

I am serious about characters development, even the alien creatures had none! Who,why (kinda explained),how?!

The best visual was inside the cockpit, but then why the treadmills?!

There were colourful photography à la del Toro for sure. Overall it looked good, but it was not wow, seriously, how did he pull that off … let’s say this was at par with other big budget special effects movies.

WATCH…if your kids invite you.


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