Movie Review:White House Down(2013)



wit1Okay, director, Roland Emmerich, I guess he specialises in disaster films that includes bombing of the White House, this was his second, the first we all know was  Independence Day (1996). That one was original, refreshing and dealt with something that remotely could happen, alien invasion, so it was good, patriotic, made Will Smith a big Hollywood star.White House Down, for some will be too close to home, cause it was happening now, in the 21st century. Even though stupid, absurd, ridiculous, the ride was surprisingly joyful. I do suggest you watch it with some two-fours, popcorn and chips, cause after a few cool ones, you would love to see Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum break into a funny montage: how about Chicago‘s Razzle Dazzle? Hence my point, you can’t take it seriously. 

Although this film would have certainly failed, these supporting actors rescued it: Maggie Gyllenhaal(White House Security service Finnerty); Richard Jenkins(Speaker of the House-Raphelson), James Woods(Head of Presidential Security serviceWalker), and Lance Reddick(General –Caulfield). They managed it into something coherent that I wanted to keep watching. The added tugging on our heartstrings was John Cale(Channing Tatum)’s daughter, Emily(Joey King), who knows her American history well, and how to put live footage of chaotic situations onto YouTube. She is the young patriot that graces the White House’s front lawn. 

So Walker is dying of cancer, he wants to revenge his son’s death at one of those wars ordered by President Sawyer(Jamie Foxx). He enlists the top Homeland Security threats to organize a coup of the White House: Stenz, ex-CIA, (Jason Clarke), Tyler, super hacker, (Jimmi Simpson), and Killick,Sociopath,(Kevin Rankin). Cale is security police for Speaker of the House Raphelson, who  recommends him to talk to Security Service for a job. Carole Finnerty is the hiring manager and declines his application, she knew him back in College. Jim continues his White  House tour specially arranged for her daughter Emily. While Emily checks into the lady’s room, the Capitol Building explodes.

The rest was either showcasing confusions in orders of command, or an infomercial of the weapons America has: manual combats (guns, grenade launcher), air assaults (black hawks, fighter jets), sonic nuclear submarines, secret nuclear launchers, …

“Are you kidding me” went through my head many times, but after a few brewski it looked real good, funny and loud.

WATCH…have fun and forget.


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