TV Movie Review: Sharknado(2013)



wit1Shocking, NOT! Finally saw it. I am sure you heard about it last fall. When you thought you had seen it all, BAM! a film with sharks flying out of the sky. But then, cows did in Twister(1996)tooso why not with sharks, hurricane and tornadoes  in California?!  The fact that it was made, it deserved to be watched, at least it was original. 

I mean if this were an anime I would still watch it. In other words, the actors in characters were irrelevant. Nonetheless, some of them, at least, we know of their name or work: Tara Reid(April Wexler), Ian Ziering(Fin Shepard) and John Heard(George). I guess Reid and Ziering were age appropriate to have teenager son and daughter. Ziering was in the original Beverley Hills: 90210 (24 years ago! Really).

The story…what to tell? Sharks got sucked up by tornadoes and threw onto LA’s street, buildings, everywhere. The characters were trying to stay alive moving to higher ground.

Fin is the type of guy who always puts others first, instantly he becomes John McClane-ish, trying to save lives. Cassandra Scerbo played Nova, was the other lead. Nova hates sharks (long story,but there was one). April hates Fin is now living with her new boyfriend up on Beverley Hills. Those lesser known actors, you know their fates. The ending was outrageously laughable, but it worked.

WATCH…because you want to say, “I saw it ….hilarious…!”

P.S. Looks like Asylum Production likes to expand on other movie’s ideas(watch other trailers, it’s a bomb!)


2 thoughts on “TV Movie Review: Sharknado(2013)

  1. I haven’t quite had the wherewithal to watch this. Sometimes B-Movies are fun, but I haven’t quite been in the mood.

    Maybe someday. Seems like it’s enjoyable enough for what it is.


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