TV Movie Review:Game Change(2012)



wit1Spellbound. I was totally immersed in this drama that made Sarah Palin a world-wide celebrity, like it or not. Julianne Moore(Sarah Palin), Woody Harrelson(Steve Schmidt) were at the top of their games. Many times, I thought I was really watching Palin, and Harrelson was so dynamic that I had to find out who the real Schmidt was. Ed Harris(John McCain) and Peter MacNicol(Rick Davis) added fuel to the already volatile situation, and Sarah Paulson(Nicolle Wallace) was the icing on the cake. I haven’t seen a drama that played like a thriller for a long time. I said thriller because it was such an enigma how Palin was chosen as the running mate, and on top, of course, billions of dollars were at stake, completed it with many bruised and crushed egos, and ruined careers. As it was commented many times in the film, political win is about how many people like the candidate at the moment, less so how smart and intelligent the candidate is. Sadly but true.

The film starts out with an interview between Steve Schmidt and Anderson Cooper, with Schmidt claiming he is a political adviser, i.e., he avoids the question whether Palin was really the right VP candidate. Of course, speaking like a true expert!

McCain’s campaign is running out of steam, and Obama’s campaign is hitting historical new ground. He needs someone different(game changer) to revitalize the campaign: Sarah Palin.

Once Palin is recruited, she seems to be the gal they needed to re-brand the poor image left behind from the Bush administration. She hits all the marks, and the team of spin-doctors seem to be happy with her performance. That’s until she has to face the firing squad of the media. That’s the part we were all familiar with, and the use of real SNL footage made those moments faced by Palin so much more authentic, and Moore flourished in her role ! Moore’s interpretation of Palin was that she was just not that bright, but hard-working though! At the end, Palin was over-confident, and over-whelmed.

As Schimdt’s face getting redder and redder, Palin is getting more and more nervous.She loses her charm. Luckily she pulls it off at the VP candidate debate with much drilling  and practising, like an actor.

The film made a point that McCain was hand-offs with his running mate; they seldom talked.

Game Change provides the needed background story for us to understand what likely had happened during the 2008 presidential campaign, specifically how Palin came to be.

WATCH…amAZing performances!


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