Movie Review: For a Good Time, Call…(2012)



wit1Almost Lesbian. I think this is a new movie genre, which banks on bro-mances, we now have the first sis-mance?! Sure, there are a lot of sisterhood type of films out there, but they are mostly clean and soulful, but For a Good Time, Call…border-lines on a good female erotica. Lauren Miller played Lauren Powell, and Ari Graynor Katie Steele( looks like Bette Midler) were sultry and sensual; they were definitely picked intentionally to draw in the male audience: one brunette and one blonde, c’mon! Isn’t  that all men’s fantasy? This is not for the fainted heart conservatives; there were dildos (brown and white) as tall as the Eiffel tower on their coffee table, moaning as common as yawning, and sex talks that sure sounded like new language lessons. Despite a super fun film to watch, the momentum dropped off 80% into the film, but it did pick up again at the very end.  

Lauren still wears her bras while making love with her boyfriend, Charlie(James Wolk); one of those three-minutes mission-style that we have seen in many films before. Charlie calls the relationship off, cause he is leaving for Italy and he is bored with subservient Lauren.

Katie is trying hard to keep the apartment her grandma left her, and she must find a roommate soon to share the rent, before her landlord throws her out of her home with a stripper dance pole.

Gay Jesse(Justin Long) is their best friend, and he talks them into sharing the apartment. A win-win for all.

Lauren is really a princess with affluent parents, Adele Powell(Mimi Rogers), and Scott Powell(Don McManus), and she wants to be a successful book editor. But poor Lauren, on top of her breakup, she loses her job. Katie on the other hand works several jobs to make ends meet, one of them is being a phone-sex operator, as seen in the trailer. Lauren gradually catches on and knows what Katie is doing, and eventually runs their own business; they become best friends(the sis-mance). One of those quirky lines by Jesse, ” …like the weird single white female thingy…”  should give you an idea of their new relationship.

There are other known actors in this film. Nia Vardalos is Rachel Rodman, a senior editor of a publisher who eventually hires Lauren. 1-900-MMM-HMMM’s clients include Kevin SmithSeth RogenMark Webber, and Ken Marino; obviously they all have SHS(Shaky Hand Syndrome). Those scenes may gross out your young girlfriend, but it’s your smirk face that may cause them to demand a confession! So be safe…bite the lips.

There was romance for Katie and a surprise confession,which were a bit by-the-book. Ultimately the “bosom-ing” relationship was very touchy and sweet inside out.

WATCH…it’s fun and the whole thing was quite organic or orgasmic. That’ll depend how you see this, and if you are a man or a woman, of course.


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