Movie Review:Robocop(2014)



wit1Satiated and Satisfied. American global corporation, American politics, American crimes, American controlled networks, American wars …, that is the worldview of director José Padilha, and writer, Joshua Zetumer?! or was it? perhaps, more tongue-in-cheek?! or showing how true patriot looked like?! or simply another left-wing attacks on the right-wing conservative bullying streak?! Pat Novak(Samuel L. Jackson) in his one-man show(literally with no stage production, but one robotic digital camera) helped you to determine, or did he? In hindsight, Robocop became the background, but to prove a point: our current functioning efficient non-emotional ( just do it, keep busy, don’t ask, don’t think) world needs a reboot.

The long opening scene echoed my points:  Tehran is now controlled and surveyed by US owned Omnicorp, private security contractor, with its team of big robots, and droids on the ground. Satellite GPS and CCTVs are centrally controlled at the Pentagon. The robots’ “primary objective” is simple: threats, execution, no discrimination! At a suicide bombing attack, a teenager boy is killed holding a kitchen knife… that feed is edited out in the live Novak Report.

Alex Murphy(Joel Kinnaman) has a hunch that something is going on with Detroit Police Department. Chief Karen Dean tells him to take it up with IAD if he knows anything, in a nasty way! A siege while undercover at a restaurant meeting with the topdog of the drug world, Antoine Vallon(Patrick Garrow): a tip-off. Murphy’s Partner, Jack Lewis(Michael K. Williams) sprayed with bullets in a dare escape. Murphy leaves hospital, goes home and greets wife, Clara Murphy(Abbie Cornish– pretty face, but one note, exactly same expression in W./E.) and son, David Murphy(John Paul Ruttan). While frolicking in bed, car alarm goes off, Murphy checks car, car explodes. Clara comes down, no hysteria, goes back in…

Murphy in hospital, fourth degree burns, lost a limb (trailer for image), Dr. Dennett Norton(Gary Oldman) is in-charge of building the 260 million dollar man, cause CEO, President of Omnicorp, Raymond Sellars(Michael Keaton) needs to put a human face to his otherwise successful line of robots. Simply put, the US Senate will not put those droids on US soil unless they do not miscarry justice: what about  Judge Dredd.

This was the time I started to like the film when Murphy was literally stripped bare. I could tell some thoughts had been put into the scene and the mechanics to make it look plausible biologically. That’s a A+ in my book: flawless.

As expected, there is resistance from Murphy accepting his new consciousness. While the reconciliation was happening, legal and marketing at Omnicorp are making sure there will be no leaks of their new product. Legal, Liz Kline(Jennifer Ehle – I think she will be a A-list actor soon), makes sure that Murphy’s wife is contained within the legal framework, i.e, the signed release of Murphy’s body. She also has to make sure the new product will be within the confines of the new bill sitting in Senate. On the other hand, marketing, Tom Pope(Jay Baruchel) is making sure Robocop will have the perfect product launch.

After an emotional reunion with wife and son, Robocop requires a quick realignment: dial it down a little. The dial-down stoic version now is uploaded with all archived information of criminals, the most-wanted, etc, and live feeds of CCTVs in every corner of Detroit: SUPER COOL! In addition, he has his own Robo-mobile. Honestly, to me, this is more convincing than Batman (human and flesh).

At first, all is good after the launch, Robocop catches convicts mining the database, and geo-tagging, etc.Unfortunately, wife is in the way again, causing glitches. Here is my beef, why can’t she just let him be a cool superhero?! She really needs to move on; otherwise, she shouldn’t have agreed to the arrangement. I call that wishy-washy!  Besides, how warm can she get from a cold steel body? Seriously! Oh, his son needs his father:Pa-Liz. His son probably wants a superhero dad more so. But, a film has to have some emotion…

Other than that, this film had all the elements of a good sci-fi movie, but it failed trying to balance drama and actions. Ironically, the theme of Robocop. However, I loved the gadgets, cause they all looked achievable in the near future.

This will not be a comeback for KeatonOldman was really the lead, he carried it;  Jackson could have been Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games, minus the humour.

WATCH…but your dopamine level will remain stable.


7 thoughts on “Movie Review:Robocop(2014)

  1. Agreed 100%. As an action movie on a rainy Sunday, it works. If you are expecting greatness, it fails miserably. Oldman stole the show, and the lead whose name I don’t care to spell out has zero charisma. ZERO! The film did look pretty though, as you pointed out with the gadgets!


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