Movie Review: Kick Ass 2 (2013)



sitBarely scratched! I understand that Spiderman tagline, “with great power comes great responsibility”, but adhering to it makes it a movie dud. I just summarize the problem with this second part of the franchise. The film was just all over the place. Was Mindy Macready‘s  Hit-Girl (Chloë Grace Moretz) the true superhero? or was it Kick-AssDave Lizewski(Aaron Taylor-Johnson)? Who was whose side-kick? I was confused. If it was Kick-Ass, he wasn’t anything one wanted to be? if it was Hit-Girl, why the film was called Kick-Ass?!  I am sure its comics book followers have a better understanding of these two characters. 

So it’s like Mindy an orphan now, and Detective Marcus Williams(Morris Chestnut) is her guardian, and he doesn’t want her to follow his crazy vigilante father,  Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage – Kick-Ass, ex-partner, footsteps. So like he wants her to give up being a super-hero. But Kick-Ass needs her to teach and train him. So like she is so torn and stuff, she chooses high school instead. So like high school has cliques, she doesn’t belong, and the queen bee picks her for project and stuff. So like she thinks she is cool now, first date with a jock and stuff…this whole part should be edited out!

The bottom line is that I am no closer liking the main character Kick-Ass after this, so what’s the point?

SKIP…maybe the actual paper comics is better.

P.S. Most of the time, I played the game of identifying the location instead, since the film was on location in Toronto, Canada. In fact, they were filming when I was walking on Yonge street one weekend.


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