Movie Review: Slightly Single in L.A. (2013)



sitActors and people in Hollywood are just like the rest. This was a weird film, in the sense it was telling us how it was in Hollywood, and that people still wanted to find love despite all the superficiality that was L.A. I don’t know if I should take it as an exposé, or just a reality-based love story about seemingly “real” Hollywood people in the film biz. The only reason I didn’t roll my eyes and fast forward was that I liked Lacey Chabert, played Dale Squire, when she was in Lost in Space(1998) playing Penny. Dale was a nice character for her: cute enough. Most actors here you will know their faces, but not exactly can you name their works. One of them was Haylie Duff, played Jill, the less famous sister of Hilary Duff.

The story is about Dale hasn’t been lucky with most of her swinging boyfriends, bi and straight, and decides to move out to L.A. She works and lives with her gay roommate, Seven(Jonathan Bennett). They produce reality shows for TV. Her latest boyfriend, J.P.(Simon RexScary Movies), a famous celebrity photographer, was on CMZ cited with supermodel pregnant with his child. Dale is now slightly single.

She then meets up with an old friend, Zach(Kip Pardue) , a rock star with four Grammy wins. She plays it cool. In fact, she let her best friend, Hallie(Jenna Dewan-Tatum) throws herself at him. Zach is the thesis of this film, and you will have to buy it. In other words, there still are guys who are moral, and have boundaries, in Hollywood.

Otherwise, the rest was the usual girls want to find the right guy, get married and have kids and a family. Hollywood or New York, they are the same dream…Perhaps, this was produced by SAG-AFTRA’s HR department for its members: You CAN have it all, too! (facetious me, bad!)

SKIP…unless you are planning a career in film production, so you can watch in moments of despair.


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